Electrical energy is the lifeblood of an industrial plant or a commercial enterprise. Even short-term interruptions in electrical energy cause great costs in the facility, delays in delivery times, and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the continuity of electrical energy is very critical for a facility.

Substations are the energy supply center of a facility. Failures in the equipment here can cause long-term power outages and serious damage to the business. In order to prevent these malfunctions, preventive maintenance should be carried out at minimum 2 year intervals. At the same time, it is very important to have a reliable partner who can quickly intervene in the event of an unintentional failure, despite the maintenance carried out.

  • Power transformer testing and maintenance.
  • Testing and maintenance of MV cubicles.
  • MV circuit breaker tests.
  • Relay tests and settings.
  • BAR24 unit maintenance.
  • Transformer junctions and cable lugs maintenance.
  • Safety equipment maintenance.

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