While most of the loads fed with electricity draw active power from the grid, they also draw reactive power. If this withdrawn reactive energy is above certain limits, it will be reflected on our electricity bill as a reactive penalty. Reactive penalty can be caused by inductive reactive energy as well as by capacitive reactive energy.

In order to avoid these penalties, a compensation panel should be built in the facility and reactive energy consumption should be monitored. In addition, in order to prevent malfunctions that may occur in the compensation panel, maintenance and control of the panel should be carried out at least once every 2 years.

Services we offer in this regard:

  • Inspection and maintenance of compensation panels.
  • The opportunity to intervene quickly without exceeding the penalty limits by monitoring the reactive energy consumption over the internet.
  • Performing both inductive and capacitive compensation with SVC compensation solutions.
  • Compensation solutions with passive and active harmonic filtering.

If you do not want to face reactive power penalties again, you can contact us.